2lb Soap Loaf

2lb Soap Loaf

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This 2lb loaf is equivalent to 8bars of our full size soap. Choose from a variety of options. Options will populate when adding to cart.



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Loaves are made to order and will ship within 10 days. Cure dates (ready to use dates) will be included with shipped product. You can elect to have your soap sliced in 1in, 1/2in or uncut.

Descriptions for options outside of normal line

Brave - Gallant blend of woody notes, mixed with amber, citrus and rich leather

Coconut Milk & Rose Petal Luxury Facial Bar - mild fragrance free bar made with coconut milk, rose petals, shea butter, coconut oil and other moisturizers gently exfoliates with natural apricot seed powder

Gaia - All the enticing richness of freshly turned soil, intoxicating

Grandma's Pumpkin Pie - the name says it all, warm, buttery and plain ole delicious

Morning Joe - comforting and familiar just like that good ol' cup a Joe. Entices the senses with opening notes of bitter-sweet chocolate, coconut, and almond. The center of the bar contains actual ground coffee which is an antioxidant, diuretic said to reduce the appearance of cellulite and great for exfoliating.

Soapy - clean, unisex scent with notes of orange zest and bergamot sofened with cotton blooms and white eucalyptus. Super clean scent.

Sweetgrass - a delightful treat for the nose fresh, green, herbal scent reminiscent of summer

Uncle Franks Blend - This one is inspired by my grandfather affectionately called "Uncle Frank" by all the family. Mellow like fine pipe tobacco or just cut tobacco leaves, with just a whiff of cherry wood. Positively irresistible.